ESR 8 Poetry in the Name of the God(s)

Eleonora Maiello

The project compares Greek and Latin poetical expressions of honouring the Gods, allowing a linguistic and culture-sensitive approach for the coherence and diversity of the ancient Mediterranean world. Deities and gods were addressed in cultic hymns, in inscribed gifts (votive) and as insertions into non-religious environments. The shift towards Christian faith and the role of poetry as a specific Christian cultural expression will be one possible focus.

Though focusing on ancient traditions, the project explores the contemporary issue of transmission modes of cross-cultural interaction. Nowadays, communication is no longer seen as a kind of anthropological set of patterns, acknowledging that there are (and were) multiple concepts of exchange with ambiguous signifiers. The project makes use of contemporary approaches in religious science and communication modelling, in order to address the subject based on the data of verse inscriptions.

Expected Results
A doctoral thesis on the objectives mentioned above to create awareness of the role of religion in expressions of everyday culture and sensitivity for the diversity of language-based expressions of religion, and a general understanding of publishing procedures.

Host Institution

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz


Prof. Dr. Marietta Horster


Prof. Dr. Sabine Lefebvre (Dijon)


At BRILL publisher, a world-leading publishing house in the Netherlands, in the operation’s department. It will provide working experience in fields of production, desk editing and data managing for employment perspectives on the European job market (April–May 2022).