ESR 11 Communication Concepts of Archaeological Sites. Reactions to Societal and Didactic Changes

Laura Sarli

The project analyses communication concepts and visual presentations of archaeological sites within their societal framework. This will enable us to discern the influence of the respective historical context on perspectives and intentions in the presentation of Roman heritage in Germany. Comparisons with other European states are possible with a focus on archaeological sites and their three-dimensional reconstruction in particular (e.g. constructions on the Limes, Roman castelli, funeral monuments, villas, thermal baths, archaeological parks etc.).

A main focus of the study will be the usability of exhibition tools and offers and user interaction within the exhibition: information panels, video displays, explanatory devices (apps, headsets etc.), museology didactics, interactive games etc. This research is followed by an implementation of the communication of the Roman past with digital methods to the general audience.

Expected Results
A doctoral thesis on the objectives mentioned above to build up a general expertise in the preservation of material heritage and professional skills in the marketing and organisation of cultural heritage.

Host Institution

Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier in cooperation with Universität Trier


Dr. Marcus Reuter


Prof. Dr. Torsten Mattern (Trier)
Prof. Dr. Marietta Horster (Mainz)


At BRILL publisher, a world-leading publishing house in the Netherlands, in the operation’s department. It will provide working experience in fields of production, desk editing and data managing for employment perspectives on the European job market (April–May 2022).