CARMEN will provide the Early Stage Researchers with a unique portfolio of competences, ranging from editorial management, digital humanities, gender studies and archaeology over manuscript studies to transcultural competences, supplemented by a well-balanced training in transferable skills. The international cooperation between universities, research institutions, cultural institutions and a publishing house will enable the ESRs to pursue research in a high-profile academic context in close contact with non-academic potential fields of employment.


Workshop 1
Epigraphy Course
Rome, 20–25 September 2021
Lead Institution: British School at Rome
Programme (PDF)

Workshop 2
Objects of the Past – Presentation and Museology
Mérida, 8–10 November 2021
Lead Institution: Museo Nacional de Arte Romano
Programme (PDF)

Workshop 3
Discovering Roman Cities
online, 14–16 December 2021
Lead Institution: University of Kiel
Programme (PDF)

Workshop 4
Editing Latin Inscriptions
Berlin, 30–31 May 2022
Lead Institution: Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Programme (PDF)

Workshop 5
Data Structure and Linked Open Data
Rome, 21–23 June 2022
Lead Institution: Sapienza Università di Roma
Programme (PDF)

Workshop 6
Rome, 16–17 September 2022
Workshop Leader: Piera Molinelli (Università degli studi di Bergamo)
Programme (PDF)

Workshop 7
Cultural Heritage
Madrid, 17–19 October 2022
Lead Institution: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando de Madrid
Programme (PDF)

Workshop 8
Intercultural Exchange
Tunisia, 22 April – 1 May 2023
Lead Institution: Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Tunisi, and Scuola Archeologica Italiana di Cartagine
Programme (PDF)