Clips & Podcasts

The Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum (CIL) participated in the production of the video series “Klang der Alten Sprachen” of the German Union of Academies.

Christin Rochlitzer, a former student assistant at the CIL and one of our ESRs at Rome, reads and explains a long carmen in 3 ½ minutes! You can see and listen to what she has to say on CIL XII 103 (p. 805) = CLE 19.

Gabriël de Klerk, one of our ESRs at Mainz, created this short video clip about CLEPann 38 = AE 1947, 31 = AE 2014, 1039. This particular epitaph is from the corpus he is working on in his thesis about ‘Mapping Gender in Funerary Contexts’.

Ana Lemes and Laura Sarli, our ESRs based in Trier, together with Prof Stephan Busch from Trier, presented their research in the „Science is Wonderful” fair in Brussels in March 2023. This video gives an impression of their great experience and the fun they were having.